Thursday, February 18, 2010

morning rituals

hit the snooze x2 and then double check to time for 6:18 before I get up.
coffee......strong with a side of 2% milk
Colossians in Daddy's big chair
"Leslie, get up, I'm not kidding it's 7:00"
Hey puppy, let's go pee pee
clothes from the washer to the dryer
oatmeal with raisins
can I get away with not washing my hair?
rundown of Wayne's day.....and him asking what is the schedule for tonight.
listen to Ginny putter in the kitchen and make her breakfast

Everday it's the same. Brings me comfort and security. What do you do every morning?


Heather said...

Clinton get in the shower
Luke get up
Feed cats
Pack lunches
Luke get up
Make Syd breakfast
Throw hair in a ponytail
Luke get up
Double check backpacks
Luke seriously you have 10 minutes get up
Kisses at the door
10 minutes of peace before my day begins!

Roxanne said...

I'm a routine person, too. I find great comfort in knowing what's next.

Wake @ 7,
Benji comes between 7-7:10,
Computer time,
either quiet time and Benji's first feeding
Benji's first feeding and then quiet time

(Of course, that's only on the days I am home, it's different on the days I leave to clean houses)

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