Monday, October 18, 2010

19 years

Tomorrow marks 19 years I have been Mrs. Welch.  Alot has changed about me in 19 years. When I met Wayne, I was a city girl.  Had no desire to tromp out in the woods, sit in a deer stand, or worse, sleep under the stars....that all has changed quite a bit.

Wayne has taught me:

how to walk softly in the woods so I won't scare the deer
that trout like to swim in the deep cold pools of water in the stream
that pure happiness can be found sitting beside a moutain stream and listening to the water run over the rocks

sleeping with the camper(or tent) windows opened under lots of blankets is the way to go
nothing smells better than frying bacon on a chilly fall morning
you won't melt if you get caught in the rain
he loves me most, when I make "his" world "our" world

I love you Wayne Welch!


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