Thursday, October 28, 2010


I recently read this excerpt from an interview with Andy Stanley:

The church, or should I say, church people, must quit adding the word "but" to the end of our sentances about grace. Grace plus is no longer grace. Grace minus is no longer grace. We are afraid people will abuse grace if presented in it's purest form. We need not fear that, we should assume that........of course grace will be abused. But grace is a powerful dynamic. Grace wins out in the end.  It is not our responsibliity to qualify it . It is our responsibility to proclaim it and model it.                      
Andy Stanley.

It is so much easier to accept God's gift of grace, yet so difficult to extend grace without reservation.  What if they hurt me again?  What if they take advantage of this gift? 

Thank you God for not qualifying Your grace to me.  I don't deserve it. I've taken advantage so many times. Even now, I think of how I accept salvation yet stubbornly refuse to model the same gift to others. God save me from myself and let grace flow out of my life without reservation.


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