Monday, October 4, 2010

The great thing about Facebook.... finding long lost friends.  Last week I went to check the mail and found a package from an old college friend.  Inside is a wonderfully cute book "The Yarn Harlot". I have so enjoyed reading a few chapters every night before bed.It's a book all about knitting, my new love. But better than that, was the sweet memories that this unexpected gift awoke inside of me.  I've chatted online with Wendy, seen pictures of her precious children, remembered she loved flowers and has gorgeous jet black hair, but when I opened the book and saw the sweet note she left me, I recognized a signature from my college days.  Seeing her handwriting tripped a switch in my many memories...

I sat in my rocker on the porch and closed my eyes. I thought about a girl with a loud giggle and wide smile, with big brown eyes and jet black hair.  We had on hair nets and were singing Debby Gibson songs in the huge college kitchen while we chopped vegetables.  We were running through the Florida rain on our way to Miss Hatfield's med surg class.  We were clueless scared nursing students in the hall of a nursing home, desparately trying to figure out how to bathe a ninety year old man or figure out what in the heck Lasix was for.  There were so many church services we giggled through, so many study sessions on her bunkbed with Rachelle.

Thanks Wendy for the book, I will enjoy it, but thanks more for the memories....they are part of me.


Anonymous said...

Steph, You are my sister. We may not share the same biological parents, but we grew up together and have the shared memories of 4 years of pure joy, sheer terror, intense pressure and ultimate success/relief on graduation day. There are 22 of us scattered far and wide. We may not see each other often, or ever, but we remain sisters. Forever laughing about the size of Mr. Sherwins shoes. I love you, Wendy

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