Thursday, January 27, 2011

Babies and faith

Tonight I went to visit a friend of mine who just had twins!  The baby boy is still in the hospital, but I got to see sweet baby girl C.
This little angel is not even 5 lbs.  So precious with her cupid bow lips that were stained with dried milk.  Her little fingers were almost translucent.  I could smell her new born baby scent.  Her little feet were no longer than my thumb and the most precious new skin with tiny wrinkles covered a sole that has yet to touch the ground.

She made small stretches and tiny grunts and gave me a scowl when I laughed too loud. Her mama says she sleeps so good and mostly wants to drink her mama's milk and lay on her mama's chest.  This sweet one does not care about where the milk comes from.  She doesn't worry if it will run out.  She just knows and trusts.  She has not spent the afternoon fussing about her brother so far away and wondering when he will return.  She graciously accepted the tiny purple cap I knit for her and drifted back to dream land, perfectly content to be snuggled in its warmth.

Child like faith.  A beautiful picture of what how I am to be.  I want to trust, not in the quality or quantity of my supply, but in my Abba who has promised to care for me, His child.


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