Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bits of utter randomness

If you happen to care...........

 Look at these sweet little slipper socks I am knitting. They are for a friend of mine whose birthday is this month. I took the handmade pledge and everyone gets hand made gift from me this year.

 This pretty yarn reminds me of pistachio ice cream

Well, we are keeping our 30 day pledge of not eating out. Last night may have been somewhat of a cheat.  We got 2 for 1 subs at Subway which turned out a whole lot cheaper than buying stuff to make subs at home.  Wayne was hungry for nachos, so I managed to make nachos that were less than 500 calories for me....don't get too excited, I've had better.

Training for my half is going well. Tomorrow I am running 5 to maybe 8 depending on the weather and my ability to keep up with L&C my running buddies.  Made reservations at the OMNI HOTEL for the night before the race. It's gonna be so much fun!

I am mulling over the idea of a container garden this year. I would love to have cucumbers, but will they grow well in a container.

Last night we watched Georgia Traveler (I'm not making this up folks, this is what we do on Friday nights, eat nachos and watch GPB) and I fell in love with Okeefenokee Swamp. It is a must see place for 2011. It is gorgeous down there. 

After sooooo many days of cloudy skies and dreary weather, This was a beautiful sunset to watch......


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