Monday, January 31, 2011


God spoke to me today. He told me that I am too distracted to really listen to Him.  So this week I am going to unplug. No facebook, No twitter. I'm turning off my cell phone. I won't blog.  I'm only checking my Email at work. ( I feel like I need to stay employed). I'm turning off my TV. Ok, well I am not watching TV, my family would stage a revolt if I literally unplugged the TV.

Instead, I am going to try to be intentional in spending time reading the Bible, talking to God while I take some long walks.  I want to spend  some time praying over each one of my girls and Wayne.  I want to write some notes to people I care about.  I want to spend some time talking (you know, old fashioned face to face conversation) with some friends I never seem to find time to talk to.

I will hopefully find my self more centered and less distracted at the end of the week.   I know that God has something He wants to tell me, I've been way to busy to stop and listen.


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