Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Come take a walk with us

Wayne and I have cabin fever.  While I strongly believe that rest is good for the soul  mind and body, anyone can get a little stir crazy.  So Wayne just pulled on his boots and told me to get mine on, so come go with us. The woods are beautiful when there is snow on the ground and there is nothing on TV right now except Jerry Springer.

 Ever since Wayne was a little boy, he wanted to own land and live in the country. Now we own around 14 acres. That's not a huge amount, but it's just enough to ensure no one is right up next to you. We don't get back in the woods much because it's either hunting season, or summer with snakes around.  So today, which is neither, is a pefect day for a walk. Come on........

I love to walk back through the woods to the creek.  Wayne will hold the limbs and make sure you don't get hit in the face, but he doesn't let you talk above  whisper so you won't scare the deer (As if the loud crunching of the snow/ice mix can't be heard all over the place.)

He's quite the outdoorsman. I always feel safe when he's leading me in the woods. After about 20 feet in it all looks the same to me, and I ask him where our house is from here. He can point directly to it.  He has made me love nature more than I ever thought I could.  If you're quiet, and stand still, you can hear the ice melting from the trees above and  feel it pelting us on the head.

When we reach the bottom, look down at all the ferns.  In the summer time, I feel like I'm a little fairy in the middle of a magic forest, but today they are frozen in time.  Bright green leaves covered in a layer of ice.

Here is where Wayne spends early morning and late evenings in the fall. His beloved deer stand.  This is where he does his best thinking...and dozing.

Well, we made it. Here's the creek. It's gotten alot bigger becasue of the beavers that are damming it up.  Lets stop for a minute and just get really quiet.  It is so cool to know that we are all alone in the middle of this picture perfect spot. 

Time to head back,  Look at these tracks. I tell Wayne I think they are deer, tracks, He tells me that they are probably Willow tracks. She thinks she owns these woods. She spends countless hours roaming, sniffing, chasing squirrels. Perfect life for a country dog.

Well, thanks for walking with us. This is why God makes snow days. He wants us to slow down and be still.  He wants us to take a walk in the snowy woods with the ones we love. He can talk to us with less interruption.  We notice Him more, and appreciate Him for Who He is.  You smell that?  Leslie and Virginia are up and cooking us a plate of hot pancakes and bacon. The coffee is hot.
Thanks for walking with us!


Jennifer McCulley said...

That was awesome, Steph!! Colin and I did the same thing on our property yesterday! It was absolutely beautiful!!

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