Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cup of Joe

I remember as a little girl, waking up and smelling the delicious aroma of coffee brewing. My dad is an avid coffee drinker, drinking it all day, every day including the summer. I tried to drink his coffee many times, and could not stand the stuff! I decided that despite my love of the fresh roast, I'd never make it as a coffee drinker.

The first inclination that I may be able to enjoy the stuff, was when my friend, Michelle, who also loves coffee introduced me to Starbucks mocha latte. Pure heaven! It was my two favorite aromas, chocolate and coffee. I was hooked! In retrospect, the mocha latte was little more than spiked hot chocolate, but anyways it got me started.

The second revelation was when I pulled some night shifts at the hospital. I would force a cup of black coffee to give me enough buzz to keep from laying beside my patients and snooze. Incidentally, that is when I discovered that I do not like sugar in my coffee.

I finally passed the point of no return when a new girl came to work with me and made a pot every morning. After much experimentation, I decided that I loved coffee with 2 creams no sugar, or even a shot of whole milk in a pinch.

Yes, coffee taste is developed over time, and now 5 years later, I realize that I head straight for the coffee pot every morning, and start to feel a little panicky if we spend the night anywhere I can't access a cup in the morning. I actually am very high energy, and believe it or not, I can't live without the caffeine buzz every morning. I'm luckier than most people, because I can actually drink a cup of straight coffee then head straight to bed.

My childhood dream has come true, I wake up, smell the brew coming from my automatic pot my sweety got me for Christmas, then sit in his big chair while my eyes slowly open. The most relaxing times usually involve coffee. Dessert, coffee and conversation with my girlfriends, Coffee and pancakes on a winter morning, coffee rings on the pages of some of my favorite books.

If you were sitting beside me right now, I'd offer you a cup and we'd sit and talk about how your day went.


Heather said...

That's funny, I started the same way - Starbucks White Choc Mocha. I remember the smell of Dad's coffee too filling the house, I loved that. And now my home has it too! I never in a hundred years imagined I would be addicted to coffee. I am jealous though - I have to cut off at around 4:00 or I will never sleep that night. Final thought - No sugar??? Are you crazy - you are hardcore!!

DeAnna said...

Well, I would love the sitting and chatting part, but I would most definitely ask for hot herbal tea. Not a coffee fan. I can't do caffeine and thankfully have been "off" the stuff for a few months. It doesn't keep me up, but it will give me a migraine if I have the smallest amount one day and not the next. Funny too, my parents and Mike are such big coffee drinkers and I don't even own a coffee maker to offer them any at my house. :)

Hollie said...

I wished I loved coffee. I love the way it smells, and I love the idea of it. I'll just stick to frappacinos and hot chocolate!

Heather said...

I just started reading a book The Secret Between Us by author Barbara Delinsky - I like it so far, I have read one other book by her. You will have to add her to your list, i think you would like her books.

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