Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hearts and love and stuff

Valentines Day is coming. I have a love/hate relationship with this holiday. (Does it actually count as a holiday?). Wayne forgot Valentines Day the first year we were married. First of all, how in the heck do you "forget" Valentines, when there is an explosion of red hearts in every Walmart in America for the 4 weeks prior to 2/14? Anyways, as I laid sobbing on our bed sure that we were headed for divorce court, he begged my forgiveness and even bribed me by offering to buy me anything I wanted at the mall if I would stop crying. (My how times have changed..that's all I'm gonna say) A trip to Milledgeville mall scored me one expensive leather purse, and a repentant husband. I even worked a dinner out of the deal by continuing to sniffle all afternoon. Wayne has matured into a fine husband in the last 17 years, and has never forgotten Valentines again. I guess I have to, because now I really don't care about Valentines much. He's such a great husband/friend to me every day. He never forgets though, sometimes it has been a candy bar and a peck on the cheek, but he still recognizes this momentous day of love.
The best thing about my sweetheart, is he always does something special for the girls. He has little treats for all his sweethearts and I'm so glad that he shows his love to all of us everyday.

This year, for some reason I have thought I'd like to do a little something fun and I've even found these cute ideas online:

This pillow


These candy bar wrappers


These Valentines day brownies

Maybe this is the year that we pull out the stops for Valentines Day. Maybe so, after all, Wayne is taking me to go see Romeo and Juliet. Ya'll he's not as red neck as you think!


Liquidspider said...

I hope these ideas aren't something you expect from Wayne, otherwise our next family reunion I'm sitting far away from Wayne. Although I do still miss Wayne's awesome breakfast, maybe sitting close to Wayne wouldn't hurt that much

Tina G. said...

Let me know when we can get together and make pillows and eat candy bars! Those are cute!!!

Heather said...

Geoff also forgot all holidays for the first several years - he has now moved up to going shopping on the morning of that special day - gotta love that, I get whatever is left over on the holiday aisle!

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