Friday, January 2, 2009

I love a rainy day

This is the definition of a perfect day. I'm still on Christmas vacation, Wayne and the girls are snug in the house with me and we are just puttering around, nothing too important going on. The best part is you can hear a soft gentle rain coming down and its mixed with chilly January air. Weather is perfect for snuggling!

You know, it's very interesting being married to a gutter man. Take for instance I can tell you the difference between a roof line that does not have gutters...

and one that does.
Hmmm interesting that is my roof in both pictures.

Who is that long legged man bringing in dirty laundry from the camper? No, I don't think he looks ridiculous with shorts and a jacket on. Come on in outta the rain and let me snuggle you up right now mister!


Hollie said...

I hope so! If she looks like my sisters she will be gorgeous! I can't wait to find out! Did you know Lauren joined the blogging world! We started her a blog tonight! So excited!

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