Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuesday night rituals

AS of late, our Tuesday nights are dedicated to Biggest Loser's on NBC. What is my fascination in watching hopelessly fat people turn into svelte, sexy skinny minny's in 12 weeks? I'm not quite sure. Maybe I find hope in seeing them lose weight after killing themselves in the gym with Bob and Jillian mercilessly screaming at them. Maybe it is the whole soap opera atmosphere of a reality show--who will go home this week? Whatever the reason, Ginny and I have been staked our place on the couch and the TV is ours from 8-10. Wayne has gradually let himself be sucked into the show and tonight he is wiping tears as Mike and Ron plead their case to stay on the ranch. He hurried out of the room. I thought he needed to cry in private when I heard the rattle of pans from the kitchen. When I wandered in to reassure him that it was OK to be sad about Ron and Mike, I found this:

He was working on icing these babies:

What? Can you actually enjoy this calorie sinfulness while watching Biggest Losers?
Close your eyes Bob and Jillian.


Cathryn said...

Ha! I was eating banana bread in bed watching biggest loser ... it's bananas, so its ok, right?!

Heather said...

I am glad to hear I'm not the only one addicted to that show. I was beginning to think it was all rigged since Joelle never seemed to get voted off. My faith was renewed last night when Mike & Ron were not voted off.

BTW - I was eating brownies and milk while watching.

Roxanne said...

Why does that show make me so stinkin' hungry?

Anonymous said...

Tell Wayne he and I can cry together as all the fat people, plead to stay on the show.

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