Thursday, January 8, 2009

I thought it was no big deal, until I thought about it

Have you ever noticed that it's the little things that are really so significant. I've been thinking alot about that lately. Tonight at the clinic where I work, I noticed that little things can make or break you,'s a little thing to call a homeless person "maam" or "sir" but it means alot to them.'s the little inside joke with my secretary that made us laugh and made me awful glad I was there tonight.'s the college kid who said "sure whatever you want me to do" who made my night so much easier.'s the guy that does all out paperwork who volunteers EVERY Thursday night that makes me think I better show up too.'s my pharmacist who tells me all about her mission trip with eyes sparkling that makes me glad I love missions too.'s the little hypochondriac patient who is inventing symptoms as she goes along, that makes me think maybe I have 5 extra minutes to spend with her tonight, just to chat.'s my two volunteer secretaries (and good pals) who were busy troubleshooting for me so I could get home at a decent time.'s the volunteer that prays with a patient who never realizes they are the only one who ever speaks love in that persons life.

What we say and do in passing is sometimes done without much thought on our end, but when it is received, it can make all the difference in the world!


Tina G said...

That's awesome! and encouraging!!

Hollie said...

wish i could be there!

Heather said...

Great Post, makes you stop and think. Your right - it's usually the small things, not anything huge, that make a difference in your life.

Liquidspider said...

You're exactly right! I just wrote about how we say things that we think don't have any impact. We are just saying it to say it. But the littlest thing to us can impact somebody else in a life changing way.

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