Saturday, January 10, 2009


Every January I get that feeling that I need to clean and purge. I always clean my house and start throwing stuff away. Wayne hates it because I invariably throw away something important like a tax form or drivers license. I even threw away one of his paychecks once.
Maybe its all the mayhem from Christmas, I don't know, but it also inspires Wayne to get "frugal". I even hate the way the word "frugal' sounds. It makes me think of a little old man and woman eating cat food instead of tuna fish. He is much more frugal than me although I don't think he has ever eaten cat food. Anyways, he decided we should curb spending this month. Not a bad idea, because even if you do have extra money, why do you automatically think of ways to spend it?

He decided that we would not eat out for this month. Hmmmm that's a really neat idea when you are not the primary cook. :) In all fairness to him, he did offer to help out in the kitchen a little more.

In the name of self discipline and fiscal responsibility, I have decided for the next 30 days not to buy anything that is not considered grocery items. Ok so that means, no clothing items including accessories, nothing for the house, I even included the girls and let them know it's fine to tell ourselves "no' or "wait". When I start thinking about all the ways I waste money I can think of alot of excuses why, but all of them seem pretty shallow.

This will either be a really long month, or we will find that we really need alot less than what we think we do. Either way, I'll let you know how we do!


Heather said...

Please don't turn into the little old lady who steals cat food from Piggly Wiggly - to save a buck!! JK

I had to laugh - I am the same way. I throw everything away, and I always need it later. So I get to hear the speech about wasting money from my pack rat husband.

Honestly, we all live in such excess, and it's hard to step outside of those habits. Good for you!

Tina G said...

I read an article in the Readers Digest a few months ago about a family who did this... it was great! If I can find it online I will send it to you. They found lots of ideas on ways not to spend. They ended up saving thousands of dollars at the end of the month!!

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