Sunday, September 26, 2010

best part of my weekend was.......

Prasie4U concert tonight.  I think praise band is one of my most favorite things I do at SBC.  The last few months, we have kinda come together as a band.  Daniel is probably the most talented musician I've ever met. He has a keen sense of music. He can hear notes and combine sounds that just amazes me.  Add to that Nathan. Wow! I'm just saying Wow!  He plays by ear, I've always been jealous of people who can do that.  Will plays the drums like nobody else I know, oh yeah, and he writes songs and music..and plays guitar.  Pretty good for a kid his age I might add.  I don't complement him too much, I don't want him to get a big head, but I do love to tease him.  Kenny is my pal.  He plays the bass, and I happen to know that he also sings along in his beautiful voice. He and I threaten that we are gonna let loose one day and have a shouting/running fit. Especially on days like today, when we sing "Days of Elijah." There really is no God like JEHOVAH.  Worth plays piano, and we are like peas and carrots.  I know her so well, I can usually read her mind.  We love to laugh and sing together. I love her.

The praise singers are a mix of beautiful voices.  The sound team, well they just work magic.

But God really is the star of the show.  He smiles as He hears our praise to Him. He's so worthy of it.   I think tonight He was pleased.  As Daniel said, He is most pleased when we are most satisfied in Him.  Tonight, I am satisfied in Him.  He is enough, more than I need.


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