Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Things that make me happy...

1.Airplane rides to faraway places.
2.Bible study with my peeps
3.Catching Wayne smiling at me
4.Dessert....my absolute favorite is Cheescake Factory.Godiva chocolate.
5.Eggs...organic ones...from my new chicken
6.Friday nights with no plans
7.Grilling steaks when we are camping
8.Heather...so many in my life I love...Schulze...Caddell..to name a few.
9.Invitations to birthday parties
10.Jesus Way...my new nighttime book I stole from the church library
11.Kool and the Gang..I found an old CD and I've been loving it..and reliving some great memories
12.Leslie. We are as opposite as day and night. I love her so!  She always makes me think......
13.Moccasin Creek Campground. Favorite place to be with my favorite man!
14.New running shoes
15.Opals...glittery but not too flashy. My first ring was an opal.
16.Piper, John that is..the author. I love every book he's ever written.
17.Quacamole. My dad makes the very best, I love it on everything.
18. Running. I figured out that I have been running for the last 27 years, off and on.
19.Sipping cofee, sitting on my rocking chair.
20.Telling secrets
21.Ugly dogs...Willow for one.  She's ugle and naughty, but I love her.
22.Virginia... my baby..full of compassion, witty, funny and beautiful.
23.Wayne Welch. After 19 years together, so much makes me happy.....no regrets.
24.eXplaining  Scripture to my Sunday school girls, and listening to them explain it to me. I love them.
25. Yarn: alpaca, cashmere, worsted wool, fingerling, sock weight..and needles and pattern too.
26.Zebras, on the side of the road in Kenya, as if it were the most normal thing you would see.


Roxanne said...

Is it weird that ABC lists make me happy? HAHA! Love you, Steph!

Chris, Lauren and Gage said...

Is it weird that as CRAZY and OCD a I am I didn't even notice it was an ABC list??

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