Monday, September 13, 2010

Pig Jig!

Pig Jig
Nobody does it like the folks at SBC.
For my readership that is unfamiliar with that term....
let me enlighten you.

A pig jig is a gathering of friends in which there is a BBQ pig. Not just any BBQ pig, but one that has been slow roasted by the master, Ronnie Tinsley...all night. Everyone brings a side like beans, coleslaw, mac and cheese and cakes.....Oh my goodness the cakes.  It's a funtime where........

The men play horseshoes

Old friends come home for an evening and we oooh and aww over their pretty babies, catch up on life, and make promises to "not let it be so long next time."

Little girls take a break on mama's lap

Dad's show the boys how to catch the big one

Little guys act like wild indians and beg for another ride...just one more.  They know there's nothing like the wind in your hair, and the way your stomach flips when you hit the big bumps...holdin' on for dear life.
They little ones are corraled in the play pen. They don't mind.  There's the adventure of new toys...watching the big kids, and the grownup that passes by and slips them a cookie ...or a sip of Coke.

Mama's sit and talk about life, men, babies and hair color.  It's nice to have a few minutes to themselves.

Grandpa's have bait and fish duty.  There's nothing like the faces of little girls when they bait the hook the first time.
And mostly, a pig jig is where the line between friends and family becomes blurry. Spending a slow summer evening with people we love.  Saying goodbye to summer, and hello to fall.
Realizing that I am blessed.


Roxanne said...

Love the Pig Jig! And if you ever take a picture of my backside and put it on your blog ever again...we're gonna have words, my friend! HA! :)

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