Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September 1

I am more than ready to welcome fall! In honor of the first day of September I think I'll celebrate the whole month through. There is lots to be happy about in September:
1) Today was the first day  had my coffee and quiet time on the front porch. I felt the first hints of fall. God seems to speak louder to me when I'm outside.
2) My nieces have birthdays this month! Not quite sure how I can have nieces that are 19 and 17...Happy Birthday to Kathlyn and Kara!
3) Labor Day......we will spend it camping with friends on Lake Lanier.....last few days of laziness....books, sun and good food.
4) This month I am taking another 30 day necessity shopping fast.  For the 30 days of September I will only buy essentials like groceries.  I need to reorient myself to the difference between needs, wants and desires.
5) Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! September 23 will mark many wonderful years for a couple that are truly best friends.
6) I feel sure that September is the month where I return to outside running!
7)  We start college visiting for Leslie this month......Where has the time gone little red head girl with your Little Kitty backpack?

Have a wonderful month. We are right on the edge of fall......


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