Friday, September 24, 2010

The key to success

I have run for as long as I can remember. Sometimes I stop for months at a time, usually in the dead of winter, but always come back to it.  This summer was crazy and after I got back from Kenya, I was way too wiped out, and way to overwhelmed. So I just stopped for about a month or so.  Then my sweet friend Courtney came back to town, and got me up and back on the horse so to speak.

The key to success in running, or whatever, is to find someone better than you, and try to keep up.  Courtney is half my age, so keeping up with her gives me a good workout.  I can just barely stay at her pace.  In fact, after I get up the last hill, she usually breaks away from me the last half mile.

I've always wanted to run a marathon.  I've said I was a dozen times and have never made it through training to get there.  The older I get, the less likely it seems I can do it.  I turn 42 this year. I kinda feel like it's now or never.  Maybe I should just go online today, plunk down my money for this race and just do it, as Nike says.  It could be my birthday present to myself......


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