Sunday, January 23, 2011

Just what I needed

This morning I had the most delicious coffee ever! It was just what I needed.

Sunday School ( I really love those girls) was chapter 3 of "Crazy Love"  Ah the love God has for us....overwhelming!  Please remind me God that it really is all about You, and I have to daily ask You to help me love you.  Just what I needed.

Worship was  awesome.  Funny how when you ask God to meet you, He does.  When I sat in the pew after singing I said to Worth, "I'm about to shout! " :)  Singing about "Holy is the Lord", one of my favorite songs, hearing the boys in the band bring it, well it was just what I needed.

Andy preached on four steps to Christian growth from Colossians.  One thing he said that really blew me away was,  everything I need, to do exactly what God wants me to do, I have in Christ.  He is sufficient for everything I need.  What a precious promise!  It was just what I needed.

Wayne took me out for lunch.  I had a turkey on wheat at Subway.  I wanted something fattening, but the turkey on wheat was....just what I needed.

Michelle and Christine and I rode bikes all afternoon.  We are slowly but surely progressing on our quest to finish a triathlon.  We biked 12 miles in 52 minutes!  You know I would have much rather just run, but the bike ride.....was just what I needed.

Tonight I listened to Andy talk about one of my most favorite books in Scripture. We are "Rediscovering John".  I love that book! I love John, the disciple Jesus loved. I can't wait to meet him. He saw Jesus perform more miracles than he could write down.  He authored the  seven "I AM's".  He reminds us in chapter 17 that while Jesus was walking on earth over two thousand years ago, he was praying for me. Wow!To know that God does not need me, but wants me well, that was just what I needed.


Chris, Lauren and Gage said...

Loved your whole post, but that last paragraph, it was my favorite. Chris and I have been talking lately about how God uses us to show Himself powerful. He doesn't need us, but chooses to use us to show how awesome HE is!!! What a blessing and honor! I was reminded of that same thing again today as Brooke and I shared at Liberty Chapel...God knew 3 years ago when I got pregnant that I would be sharing with these people-my brothers and sisters in Chirst-how awesome and amazing HE too was just what I needed! Love you girl!

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