Monday, June 2, 2008


Did I tell you that I love to camp? Now let me qualify that statement. I like to camp in a CAMPER. My tent days are gone. The last time I tent camped, my girls were 5 and 2 and there was a thunderstorm, and well need I say more?

My favorite camping partner is my SIL Lynn. I love her so much, and camping with her is sheer enjoyment!. Girlfriend knows how to have a fun time. We spend more time eating and laughing than anything else. Wayne and Craig take turns as the Grill Masters which means we usually have steaks or chicken.

No camping trip is complete without a campfire. That's when we listen to Wayne and Lynn tell stories about their mama, who is now in heaven. I love it when my girls get to hear stories about their sweet grandma they never got to meet. Sometimes like to imagine Jesus walking her over to the edge of heaven and letting her look down on all of us. I know it would give her pleasure to see what a good man Wayne became. I know she enjoys seeing the girls grow, and then probably wonders why Wayne married a girl that can't make homemade biscuits.:) How did I get down that rabbit trail?
Anyways back to our Memorial Day camping trip-

Wayne and Ginger make relaxation their number one goal

When you play poker with Lynn and Wayne you gotta watch them-- they CHEAT!

The Grill Master

Next camping trip-- 2 days from now!!


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