Monday, June 30, 2008

My favorite people

Heather is my little sister. I picked her first on my favorite people list, because she just started reading my blog, and since she lives far away in Michigan, I hope she will start a blog too!
She is my little sister, not the baby, and not the older sister, but the one right below me. We were closer than any of the other five girls in the family growing up. I could tell you a thousand stories, but time and posting space do not allow me to tell you all the hilarous stories that make up our wacky childhood. We played outside all summer long, and our make believe world consisted of mermaids in the pool, Gilligan Island in our tree and cops and robbers on our bikes.
We once got lost at an amusement park for half the day because of her intense fear of life size cartoon characters. May be my favorite memory is the home perm she got from a family friend. No mother should have been so cruel. Picture a mega afro on a skinny white kid! She thought she was gorgeous!

She has grown up and moved away. Met a nice guy in college who talked her into moving to Michigan. She has two sweet boys, and a beautiful little girl who is the clone of her daddy. I miss her so much. The truth is, we don't keep in touch like we should, or even like we want to. But, there is comfort in knowing that when we are together, we pick up where we left off. After all, there is no one like a little sister!


Heather said...

Ok, how can I not start a blog after reading that. That is my goal by the end of the summer. Those are great memories that made me laugh, what idiot puts a life size Jabber jaws at the end of the innocent airplane rides. Don't even remind me of that perm - I'm still in therapy over that! But you are right - I was gorgeous if only in my own mind. I pray my kids have half the great memories that we share - Who can forget Nell Summers toes!

Love you so much!

Natasha said...

Oh I love it! Sisters are really awesome especially when they turn out to be your friend, it is rare so I am happy you have it too.

Thank God I was not the only one with make believe friends, me & my sister had a couple!

Anonymous said...

Wow after reading that I got all welled up then thought that guy that took her away what a jerk! Then I thought wait a minute . . . ?

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