Saturday, June 28, 2008

Weekend happenings....

I spent the weekend at Deeper Still Conference. It was fantastic. Ok, it's a given you are gonna enjoy hearing Beth Moore speak, but it was the first time I heard Priscilla Shrier and she really blew me away. She spoke on camping out under Mt. Sinai until God tells you it's time to break camp. Mt. Sinai represented trials in our life. Meaning, don't be in a big rush to get out of trials, rather, get all out of it God wants to teach you until He tells you that it's time to break camp.

I had to leave before we actually heard Beth Moore, but it was fine because we went to the going away party for Rick and Pam. He is our clinic director at Compassionate Care Clinic where I volunteer, and Pam manages the office. They are following God to Pensacola, where he will be serving full time at an indigent faith based clinic there. So excited for them... so sad for us!

We had a video made for them by our buddies at Pure Media Productions and it was great.

Bye Pam and Rick you will be missed by all of us!


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