Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's kinda quiet around here...

My girls have deserted me for an entire week in favor of intense spiritual awakening at summer camp, OK that and the Code Red Mountain Dew Slushy. Here's what me and Wayne have done by ourselves all week: (No it's not what you think, keepin' clean for all my bloggin' peeps.

.....Mowed the entire yard and fertilized all my plants.

......Finished my last tennis lesson tonight!

......Made Wayne eat leftovers.. again.

.......Finished "Crazy Love" for the 2nd time.

.......Visited my pregnant pal Lauren and saw her new baby furniture (Love it and felt a small baby yearning in my uterus that I ignored)

.......Went to bed early last night then woke up at 11:30 to talk to my baby and find out her first day at camp was fun.

.......Bought a new black and white tunic to wear out on my date with Wayne tomorrow night.

........Made reservations for 2 at 8 pm tomorrow night at the Oceanaire in Atlanta!


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