Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day

When I met Wayne and fell in love, I did not think of him as the father of girls. I imagined him with a bunch of boys, hunting, fishing and restoring old cars. God, who is infinitely wiser than us, gave us two beautiful girls, one like Wayne, one like me. I could fill this page with all the reasons why he is such a great dad, but let me just say--

Wayne is patient and kind to Leslie and Virginia,
He never acts arrogant, and usually puts what he wants last.
He is slow to become irritated and doesn't keep a record of their screw ups.
He hates it when when they get in trouble,
and it makes him smile to hear them tell about their good times.
He never gives up on our girls, He never loses faith in God-or them
He is always hopeful in what they will become.
and he will be around for them through good and bad times.
They may love other men, but the love of their daddy will endure forever!

(My adaptation of I Cor. 13)


Hollie said...

you ARE so blessed with a wonderful husband and a wonderful father to your children!

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