Sunday, June 8, 2008

Vacation 2008

In between washing a MOUNTAIN of laundry so I can get the girls off to camp in the morning, I will tell you all about our wonderful trip to Vogel State Park.

I grew up with absolutely NO interaction with the great outdoors. My parents carted us off to my grandparents in New Mexico every summer and the closest we ever got to the great outdoors, was playing in my grandparents back yard.

My life with Wayne has introduced me to the wonders of camping, enjoying animals in their natural habitat, and most of all learning to appreciate the mountains. Having our own camper has really made this so much fun. My girls will probably grow up and realize all they missed by becoming pampered women who view vacation as sitting poolside at a resort sipping a fruity drink!

Vogel State Park is in the Chattohoochee National forest. We arrived on Wednesday night to 4 other families that we love to camp with. They helped Wayne set the camper up which really saved on the usual temper flares,and tears that are involved in setting up camp!

Thursday, we spent all day at the river. This involves sitting in your camp chair in the middle of the ice cold river, waiting on the men to grill something really good while reading a really good book, in my case, Crazy Love by Francis Chan. Best read in the last 5 years!

We went to the Deer Lodge, which Wayne and I first visited on our honeymoon. They have the best fried trout I've ever eaten!

Friday we visited Brasstown Bald, the highest mountain peak in Ga. The .5 mile hike was ridiculously steep! By the time we were through, we were all starving and ate Mexican and watched to new Indian Jones movie. I agree with the critics, not that great, I mean come on-- aliens???

All our friends went home on Saturday morning and we stayed around camp all day except to venture down the mountain for BBQ. My favorite park of the week, was watching the girls play at the beach and listening to the bluegrass band playing at the pavilion. It was gorgeous week and a great way to kick off the summer.

Now I am frantically trying to get clothes washed and the girls packed for camp. They are both going to youth camp this next week and I will either be really lonely, or really enjoying some quietness. Probably both!

These guys are on top of Brasstown Bald

Virginia robbed me of every quarter I owned so she could try and see her cousins in North Carolina from up here!

I cannot believe that these girls actually had a good time with sand and shovels without the help of any technology!

In the words of my favorite beer commercial-- It doesn't get any better than this!


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