Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Summer Reading

I'd rather read than eat. You wouldn't know it from my size 14 behind. Actually what I really love is eating ice cream while I'm reading, but seriously I LOVE reading. That is a gift from my Mom (Thanks mom!) who is an avid reader.

Kicking off my summer reading in grand style, I will indulge in the quietness of the North Georgia mountains and read uninterrupted whilst my children get lost in the woods, attacked by bears, or at the least go play with other redneck children in the campground. Camping and reading go together almost as good as beach chair, sand and reading.....
So want to know what book I'll have my nose in this week?

1)No Other God's by Kelly Minter- OK I cheated and started this book today, but I heard about it from Beth Moore's LPM blog.

2&3)Mark Driscoll's two books- Vintage Jesus and The Radical Reformission-- I've been wanting to read some books by him. I love listening to him preach/teach online.

4)Crazy Love by Francis Chan-- Got this tip from John Piper's website. Looked interesting.

I'll give you my book reviews in a few weeks. Wish us a fun camping trip. We'll be gone until Sunday!!


Hollie said...

Have fun! Read on!

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