Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Costa Rica, St. Simon Island and other happenings....

Saturday Wayne and Leslie are leaving with about 40 other people from our church for Costa Rica. This is their first mission trip.

I am so excited...and nervous.

I want them to have a maxed out experience. Mission trips do that. They take you WAY out of your comfort zone and surprise you by showing that God is constantly at work everywhere... at all times.. He never stops working.

Virginia and I are going to St. Simon Island. We are going to enjoy a few days of fun on the the sun...with a book...or two.

Any good suggestions on reading material? I really don't like Christian fiction. I just finished a book by Mary Higgins Clark...Scary!

I will post my July 4th pics later tonight.

I'm off the Walmart (AKA... the Money Pit!)


Heather said...

Have fun, I'll be praying for Wayne & Leslie. Get something by Jodi Picoult she is awesome! I have loved everything I have ever read by her.

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