Wednesday, July 16, 2008

We're outta here

Virignia and I are on our way. We are Big Daddy's truck... but on our way none the less. I am looking forward to shrimp, waves and sun!

I heard from Wayne and they are having an amazing time (that work is so overused). He said that Leslie has really connected with teh kids in the orphanage, and that he really couldn't put into words all he had seen and done. That makes my heart so happy! I love it when God just shows off and does more than we were asking Him to!

Well, I feel like maybe I should stay home and suffer some in the interest of missions week at my our house, but God calls some to labor and some to rest, and I feel that Wayne and Leslie must obey the call, and Virginia and I will also bear our own burden.

Checking out--- see ya' Sunday-- We're outta here!


Heather said...

You lucky girls - Have fun!

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