Saturday, July 26, 2008

It's been more than 20 years...

since I've seen my Aunt Margaret. She lives in Carlsbad New Mexico where my parents grew up. She has been all over the South this last week visiting family, and she ended up at my parent this week. We had such a good time this afternoon. They all came over for a cookout, and we talked and caught up on everything going on with all our family.

I always thought she was really cool. She was a career woman when there was not very many career women out there. She never married, but she always was on the go! It never occurred to her that there was anything she couldn't do just because she was single. She has led a very fulfilling life by herself! I'm glad we got to visit, time really does fly. It seems like only yesterday, we were little kids, visiting my grandparents house in New Mexico. It was always hot as heck! My grandpa always had candy corn in a jar, and my grandma always let us watch "Three's Company" otherwise strictly forbidden by my parents. The trip was never complete until we trekked up to Carlsbad Caverns, and each of us girls usually got a turquoise necklace in the gift shop. Lot's of good memories.... My grandparents were the best!


DeAnna said...

How sweet, I guess with age we really learn how to appreciate all these memories. I have so many wonderful memories of being at my grandparents houses when I was little too. So the fact that I walked in on Isabella watching Superman with Papa and then her going on and on about another show they watched about some poor mama elephant that died and how the baby elephant was so sad and she couldn't wake the mommy up...... I should just keep my mouth shut because Isabella will appreciate those memories later of how her Papa let her watch grown up shows when Mommy only let her watch those dreaded G movies. :)

Heather said...

Speaking of Grandpa's house - remember playing "I Dream of Jeanie" on the fireplace/barbecue thing in their backyard at their old white house. And that plate of treasures of random things he found cleaning the church, that he would let us take things out of. Great memories!

Glad to hear you are addicted to Jodi Picoult books - I love her!

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