Monday, July 14, 2008

What a day!

Listen, if Wayne ever goes off out of the country and leaves me by myself to deal with car issues I'll kill him! Wait, oh what? Oh yeah, He's doing God's work. Yeah I forgot, and I'm dealing with Satan over here in the good ole USA.
My van,(Honda Odyssey which until today has been incredibly reliable) decided to choke and sputter and all these light thingys kept flashing. Anyways, after the dealership guy tried to talk me into an $800 timing belt, I had a 30 second melt down. Then I quit mentally whining, quit cursing stupid-no-service-in-Costa Rica-Verizon-cell service, put on my big girl pants and made a rational decision. OK I really called my good friend Michelle, who asked her husband Todd what to do, who told me to let them put in new spark plugs and then drive it home and let Wayne deal with the timing belt issue. Thanks Todd!!
Several high points of the day that Sweet Jesus reminded me was under his control
1) I got a loaner car from the dealership so I didn't have to call anyone to pick me up (everyone I know is in Costa Rica)
2)My sweet friend Lauren, who is pregnant, and it is HOT not a good combination, called several times to pick me up, but I didn't need her to. Thanks Lauren!
3) Virginia and I ate her favorite---Japanese. A most excellent PO roll
4) My little sis, Heather wrote this beautiful post on love. Props to her and her blog that is one of my daily cyber stops!
5) In the midst of it all, I realized what a great hubby I have. I love you Wayne, You take such good care of me that I am spoiled and hate to have to deal with things you usually do for me. I miss you!


Heather said...

I hate days like that - I would love to see your big girl pants! Glad to hear you are enjoying my blog - hope the rest of your week is uneventful!

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