Friday, October 24, 2008


That's my 5K time! Pretty fast for an old lady! That breaks down to a 9:39 mile. Yeah I'm pretty proud of myself. I won't tell you that at my present time my nephew Clinton is smokin' me. But I was reminded today that racing is all about competing against yourself. Words to live by. But in my shallow moments, it felt really good to glide on by those pretty little college girls half my age who by the way were struggling to breathe and having to walk at mile 2.5. Now I'll go take a nice long soak in a hot bubble bath, my reward for a race well run!


Heather said...

Way to Go! Great time. Shallow - oh please - I'd be dancing if I passed them up. Clinton is young, he needs that wisdom. We are older and hopefully already have a little of it.

Anonymous said...

28:19 that's awesome. I think I could probably run a 5K in about a week and 3 days. great job.

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