Thursday, October 2, 2008

It's outta my hands

I talked to Lynn tonight. She is my absolute favorite sister in law. Actually, she's really my sister, because I'm pretty sure she loves me more than she does Wayne.
Talking to Lynn is such good therapy, She helps me explore why I am feeling sad, makes my laugh hysterically, validates me when I feel like I need it and generally tells me what fantastic mom I am.
Tonight we talked all about a series of really sad things that seem to be happening at the same time in both our lives to people around us. We both have friends dying of cancer. We have both watched people around us act as if they have got no sense, we both are scared about the economy. Neither of us want to see Obama elected,and aren't much more excited about McCain, and both feel like God really wants to just pull us close and love on us a little. After talking about all these events we both agreed on one thing... it's almost cool when the trials in life are so big that nothing you can do can really make a difference. I said "You know, it's really out of our hands." Then I thought what a comforting thing to realize that life is actually too big for me to change, and I can relax in God's grip because it's outta my hands anyways. He can handle it. I'm just along for the ride.
By the way Lynn, don't tell Patricia you're my favorite. At least not until after Christmas!


Lynniegirl said...

You bet I love you more than Wayne. He's a boy. Yuck. Anyway, you have WAY better hair than he does and lots better jokes. Just think if the economy gets bad enough we can all move in together and have a garden and raise our on food and you can keep us healthy and I can keep us . . . I can clean. Anyway, I love you, you big goober.

Anonymous said...

That's okay...I love you all the same.

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