Thursday, October 16, 2008

Halloween...What's it to ya'?

For the record, I love Halloween. Funny thing is, when I was a kid my parents, who were strict in all matters of religious behavior loved Halloween too. Not only did we dress up, and trick or treat, my mom loved and encouraged scary costumes like witches, ghosts etc. Of course we were so poor, we found stuff around the house and created some really cool costumes every year, much better than anything you could find at Walmart.
Am I the only one confused or irritated by people who proclaim Halloween is the celebration of Satan? Come on now, relax, have a little fun, let your kids dress up and eat candy until their sick! Our church has "Fall Festival" like every other church in town and all references to witches are strictly forbidden. We would not want our children growing up and involved in blood sacrifices! Ok, may be that's a little sarcastic, bit you get my idea.... Do you have a problem with Halloween?
Well enough ranting, I need to go carve my pumpkin and learn my incantation chants. I'm Samantha and Wayne is Darren this year.


Heather said...

I so agree with you on this one - if my daughter dresses up like a witch, we are not automatically part of WICCA. Have a good time, let kids be a little scary. If not celebrating Fall - I'm celebrating Halloween! I guess that makes me a devil child - great, something else to pray about.

Anonymous said...

2 years ago I dressed up as Jake Gyllenhaal from "Brokeback Mountain" so what does that make me???

DeAnna said...

I'm with ya. Although, we are having a "fall festival" this year, we also are having Trunk or Treat which is ON Halloween, horrible isn't it? My girls are going to Boo in the Zoo tomorrow night, but I do refuse to let them be anything scary -- but only because they are way too cute for that. :) We always have them dress up as Bible characters. Ok, just kidding about that one too, they were Dorothy and Glenda last year and two black kitties this year. :) The same people who have a problem with Halloween, don't really research the beginnings of celebrating Christmas or its tradition. Its just a fun time for my kids to dress up and feel free to eat way too much candy. We normally go to Fall Festivals, Boo in the Zoo, Halloween at the YMCA, and our neighbors (except the grumpy old man who only gave them 1 mini reese cup - ONE!) We get the good stuff, they get all the dum dum suckers they can handle. :)

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