Wednesday, August 5, 2009

10 words

The Ivey League is a fun blog I discovered last week, so I'm linking to Bridget's post from yesterday. What are 10 of your most favorite words? Very interesting........ Here's mine:

1)Chocolate- Not sure if I'd classify this as my most favorite word, so I'm not sure if it should be #1, but since I am typing while I polish off chocolate covered peanuts, it seems an appropriate place to start. Who doesn't love chocolate beside my husband, and his lack of estrogen lets him off the hook.

2) Harmony- I sing alto, and rarely if ever do I sing the melody to a song. Even when I hum to the radio, it's usually the harmony part, and there's nothing I love better than tight harmony!!!

3)Relish- not as in a hot dog, but more like I really enjoy something. Not sure why I like the sound of that word, but it is strictly a phonetic thing.

4)Lovin'- not "loving" but "lovin"...Around our house we ask each other if we need some lovin, and if you've had a bad day you are allowed to declare to anyone that will listen "I need some lovin" someone should come to the rescue, even if it's Ginger to lick your face.

5)Forgiveness- If you've been as bad as I have been, and know what it's like to be forgiven I don't need to explain.

6)Steady- This is my favorite descriptive word of my husband (and oldest daughter). Steady. Nothing aggravates them, not too much excites them. They are both rock steady.

7)Bunny- It's a family nickname. I smile whenever I hear it.

8) Vacation- It's the best week of the whole year, and we love to plan it and talk about it...all year long. We talk about where we want to go and what we want to do. Everyone gets a vote, and it means uninterrupted family time, whether we are on a cruise, or in a camper.

9)Nap-nap- A relic from the baby days, we still call naps nap-nap at our house. Every Sunday afternoon, I announce to everyone that I'm hoping to take a nap-nap, and the girls roll their eyes. Some mornings, if I'm lucky they stumble out of their beds and into my arms for a hug and back scratch, and in their sleepy ears I'll whisper, "Did you have a good nap-nap?"

10)I love you- I know, it's more than one word, but said together, this phrase can make your day, and even change your world!

What are your favorite 10 words?


Heather said...

Not sure if I can come up with 10 - but here are a few of my top favorites.

1. Peanut - I called all my kids this as babies and still use it for them today.

2. Lovies - so similar to your "Lovin" but we give each other lovies at this house.

3. Sweetheart - The only term of endearment Geoff ever uses for me.

4. Joy - so much deeper and more meaningful than being happy.

5. Grace - whether it comes from my husband, friends, kids, or God - so happy I am not getting what I deserve.

6. Lover - It's what I call Geoff

I laughed at you "bunny" - that is what we call our cat Tegan because she has a pink bunny nose.

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