Saturday, August 22, 2009

Crest White Strips

If you drink as much coffee as I do, you understand the battle against yellowing teeth. At first I could have sworn it was the Clinique Cranberry Apple lipstick, but I am out of denial. No it's the 4-5 cups of java that I consume like a caffeine junkie that I am. Should I have to choose between a stunning smile and my daily java habit? I think not! Tonight while taking my Saturday night soak, I decided to apply a set of Crest White Strips that I found in Leslie's drawer. OK either they are so far past the expiration date that the cleaning chemicals have started to break down, or my saliva has a bad interaction with the whitening properties because it feels like I just spread Elmer's glue all over the front of my teeth. The gel that is dissolving into some sort of slime is dribbling all over my lower lip and causing a foam that doesn't just tingle.....I think my lip is going numb! Wayne just asked me if a rabid dog bit me!

All this for stellar white teeth. When I turn out the lights off and lean over to kiss him tonight, he'll flashback to Ross on Friends. Remember that episode?


Roxanne said...

I've heard that using a straw while drinking sodas, coffee, and tea can help. Then the staining agents aren't making direct contact to your enamel.

I've had the same experience with the strips, but I had expired ones, too (Lauren left them with me after she moved out).

Let us know the results!

Tonya Gray said...

I too am a coffee junkie, and had the same experience with white strips....blah! Also, the episode where Ross bleached his of the top 5!

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