Thursday, August 13, 2009

Health Care

I am not a really politically motivated person. I don't picket abortion clinics. I don't attend rally's at the capital building. However, call it distrust of government, right wing upbringing, or what ever you want to, I haven't seen much good from Washington in my lifetime. I vote, I have in every election, and I did not vote for Obama. It wasn't that I was that enthused about John McCain. I just could not bring myself to cast my vote for someone who was so blantently for things that were against my moral and spiritual values (i.e homosexual marriage, abortion, big government and against small businessman, of whom I am married to....a small businessman that is!)

I haven't worried about the state of politics since November too much, I mean, what are you gonna do? Spend every evening scanning Fox news and letting my blood pressure go through the roof? Then came the Health Care reform. As a woman that is also a health care provider, Obama's Health Care reform scares me to death! If that weren't enough, as a daughter of retirement aged parents I am worried about how they are getting screwed---big time!
I will be the first to admit that health care in our country is a mess. I volunteer at an indigent clinic for uninsured people in my community every month. You don't have to tell me that things are really bad for people w/ no insurance, but socialized medicine is not the answer. Government regulation of services, test and procedures can't be a good thing. Certainly when you are the one with unexplained headaches and the MRI won't be approved by Uncle Sam for 6 months!

OK, so much for my soapbox. Isn't it cool that you can read this and totally disagree? Isn't it great that the USA is where I live and I can say I really hate the President's attempts to fix my health care and no one locks me up in jail? Now I gotta go write my congressman.....


Roxanne said...

Or I can read this, and totally AGREE with you!

It's very scary for us, especially concerning Marc's hospitalizations and (outrageously priced) prescriptions!

Worth and I were talking about you today (all good, I promise!) and we agree you are one of our all-time favorite people! Thank you for checking on her! I love my friends that love my other friends!

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