Thursday, August 20, 2009

in 15 years.......

I can retire. A friend asked me tonight what I wanted to do when I retire. Interesting question. Didn't have to think too long. I am going to go overseas as an IMB masters missionary. Coolest program you've ever seen. You sign up to go wherever they send you for 2 years. I can't wait. I figure as a nurse practitioner with a husband that can build anything in the world we should score a really cool place in Africa, or some tropical island somewhere.

John Piper's book "Desiring God" talks about wasting your life. In that book he gives an example of an older couple who retire on the beach and collect seashells. Once in heaven, when asked by God to account for their golden years, they show Him their beautiful seashells. I've never forgotten that story. I want to do more than hold up seashells, or pictures of my trips or trinkets I bought my grandkids. I want to do as much, if not more in my "spare time" than in my "full time"

There is couple in my church that I adore. Wayne and I want to be like them when we "grow up". They are both retired and have a blast doing kingdom work. They are always busy in our church doing everything from teaching classes, to disciplining new believers, to seeing about the old lady who has no family to care for her. They volunteer in local missions and are always laughing! Somehow in the midst of all their giving, they have time for fun camping trips and grandkids.

Lord, let tomorrow be the best day yet. Let me always have a reason to look forward to tomorrow. Let me never utter these words, "We used to ......." Make me always excited to see the next thing you bring my way. Life with You is an adventure! Let me live my day believing that!


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