Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Would You Rather......

Spend your time machine free pass on.......
A. Reliving any 24 hour period of your life to date? You cannot change the outcome, but only relive and enjoy an experience you have already had.
B. Adding 24 hours to the last day of your life? It can be used any way you want, anywhere you want with anyone you want.


Roxanne said...

OH, so hard to choose. I think I'd choose a day to relive, but I don't know what day it would be...I'd REALLY have to think about that.

I would NOT choose 24 hours more to live, b/c I'd be dumb enough to worry about dying. I've had a lifetime of needless worry, I surely don't need another day to do it! BRING ON HEAVEN!

Bridget said...

relive, not add on. not a question in my mind as far as that goes.

but what day? um...depends on if you would experience it. Like, if I chose my actual birthday...would I only experience it as a baby or would I remember it as a time-traveling adult? That'd be wildly interesting!

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