Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Banana bread

I generally suck as a cook. I can make a decent lasagna. I can make roast and potatoes, home made mac and cheese and shrimp chowder. Beyond that, the only other specialty I have is banana bread and pound cake.

Tonight, (Tuesday my favorite night of the week) I am getting ready to dig into a beautiful golden brown piece of banana bread with a big slab of butter and a huge glass of good ole cold milk. I'm taking the rest to work with me in the morning. My girls at work love it. It's always good for my ego when I bring it. I pretend to protest when they tell me how delicious it is but I secretly love it!

If you were here, I'd cut you a big piece and pour you a steaming hot cup of coffee. We could pretend it's winter because my living room is freezing cold and my children are wrapped in blankets while watching "18 and Counting" on TLC. I think Wayne has the thermostat on 57 degrees!


Britney said...
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Britney said...

I sure do love a warm piece of banana bread with lots of butter!!

Roxanne said...

Sounds yummy!

So, why are Tuesdays your favorite?

Heather said...

I do the same thing -but cinnamon rolls. I have to say I make killer cinnamon rolls - and bring them to get togethers, and humbly take the compliments while inside I love it too.

Hollie said...

i made some this week too...love it! it is so delicious! Do you refrigerate yours after it cools? I do and instead of butter I sprinkle powdered sugar on it...yum yum! Thanks for checking on me...I feel much better!

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