Sunday, April 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Ginny

If  I could freeze time.......
 They day I brought you home from the hospital, and wondered how we were gonna keep that bald head warm.

The day when you dressed up and ran around the house in dress up high heels and a tutu, carrying your baby by the neck.

The millions of times I've heard you yell "Sissy!"

Seeing you sit on the porch loving your one of about 15 animals around this house. They just know you are a sweet soul.

Watching you do your hair.

but then if I froze time I would miss........

seeing you learn to drive,

Talking to you about where you are gonna go to college.

Watching you walk down the aisle.

Yeah, the best days are still ahead. Fourteen is the wonderful in between.
I love you baby girl!


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