Monday, April 26, 2010

Torture Trail 2010

I am ready to run! Just filled out my application and sent it in.  Hardest race I've ever run, but so much fun!  Used to be called the "Tar Baby" but I guess to be PC it's now the Torture Trail.

Today begins the training to get me through this thing in under and hour. 


Roxanne said...

"DO NOT ATTEMPT TO RUN THIS RACE UNLESS YOU ARE IN VERY GOOD PHYSICAL CONDITION"...count me out. Just getting in very good physical condition is torture to me, nevermind the race! HA!

I'm sure you'll do great. Maybe there won't be any attack dogs along the course!

Tina said...

You would be proud of me... I ran (well, let's call it "trotting") around my cousin's field last night. I did six laps, 3 walk and 3run!! You're my inspiration! (hear me singing Chicago now!?)

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