Thursday, April 15, 2010

He's back.....

If you read my blog very much, maybe you remember my post dedicated to the neighbor dog that makes me crazy.  For the longest time, his goal in life was to taunt and torment me on my nightly run.  Then like magic, he was gone.  At first, I kinda felt guilty that perhaps the unspoken curses I placed on the dog had actually come true.  Then I decided to just enjoy fate and soak in the carefree joy of an evening run and only my ipod.

He's back........ Not sure where he's been but tonight, from nowhere, as I rounded the curve and was groovin' to the fine sounds of Cold Play, I heard a spine chilling growl. I looked to my left and all I saw was teeth, drool, and the lurch of a dog that is solid muscle.  Thank God the chain held him from destroying my  leg.

Is this a preview of my beautiful spring evenings?  Am I going to be forced out of my own neighborhood, to endure a treadmill in such "meant-for-running" weather? No way Jose, I've dug around the junk drawer and found my pepper spray.

Bring it on puppy.  I may not be able to out run you, but I can outsmart you!


Roxanne said...

You've got me laughing! I just can't imagine you being scared by a dog! And I can't imagine you actually using pepper spray on a dog!

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