Monday, April 19, 2010

Time for groceries

You know it's time to  break down and go by groceries when.......
1) You have spaghetti and sauce, no meat, and tell the fam it's better for them.
2)Your husband pays double the price for coffee at "Terry's"( the corner gas station) so you'll have enough for in the morning.
3) You threaten to remove your childrens arms if they use the last few glugs of milk. It is reserved for your coffee in the morning. They can drink leftover tea with their poptarts.
4)The kids inform you that there are no poptarts, granola bars, toaster struedels,  Breakfast in the morning may be reduced to a scrambled egg! It's a shame to not have anything processed to start the day!
5)You hijack toilet paper from the camper.
6) Your kid asks you if Dawn dishwashing detergent will work in the washing machine.
7)I may have to wear Wayne's Old Spice deoderant covered up with baby powder. Hey I'm just keepin' it real folks!

If you see me at Kroger tomorrow, I will be the lady that looks like Mrs. Duggar with the overflowing cart, and don't rush me in line while I'm finding all my coupons!


meganluttrull said...

You make me laugh so hard I'm crying!!!!!
Just think... having a lot to buy will make using coupons save you even more money! It will be fun!
Oh and could I just e-mail you my grocery list??? A few more things won't make much difference - right!

Heather said...

Sounds like my house - except add to your list - Wrapping the kids lunch in aluminum foil and tossing it into a grocery bag - I hate grocery shopping!

Roxanne said...

I'm the opposite...have plenty of groceries, but no motivation to cook!

Chris, Lauren and Gage said...

Chris and I joined forces on Monday and made...Pork chops, Taco Pie, and Chicken casserole...dinner for the week!!

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