Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I found a childhood friend, Rebecca, on good ole Facebook a couple weeks ago and as I nosily
snooped through all her pics, I saw this album of pics on her recent trip to Africa.  I totally ripped this precious picture off her page because it made my heart beat faster.

I am going to Kenya in July. I.CANNOT.WAIT.  We are taking a medical mission team and spending about 10 days outside of Kakemaga in a place called Sabatia. 

I have always loved mission. Truth be told, I feel like I should have ended up somewhere overseas, and I pray that one day I will.  In the mean time, I love every opportunity God, and my generous husband allow me to roam.  It makes you so much more aware of the bigness of God. it makes you realize that my little church in my little corner of the world is only a small part of the master plan. God is at work all around me, in every language, in every skin color.  He wants all the nations to know Him.

Can you just imagine what heaven will be like?  Shoulder to shoulder with brothers and sisters of every nationality, every tribe praising God.  In one voice, all His creation will celebrate His love.


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