Sunday, April 18, 2010

singing alto

Ever since I can remember I have sang alto.  I remember being a little girl and hearing my sisters sing with my dad, and copying the tune until I could hear it in my head.   I grew up singing. Mostly Southern gospel.  Our little church in the country taught me "I can tell you now the time"  as well as the old hymns of the faith.  All the while I was slowly learning how a harmony part sounds.

Today, I hear in alto. When someone sings a song, my mind plays the harmony part.  I am glad that my Dad's love of music was passed down to me and all my sisters.  Today I went to my old pastors church in South Carolina.  I sang with some really great friends, whose voices are far better than mine.   We sang some of my favorite old songs. "Beulah Land"  and " The Blood Will Never Lose It's Power"  Yeah, I belted out the alto.  There's nothing like tight harmony.  But the best part was my friend Worth. She sang a song that makes me cry....every time.  "Every Need Supplied"
As she was singing I thought, I cannot think of a single need I have that has not been, or will not be supplied by my God.  Praise Him. I tried not to cry.  I bit my cheek.  I took deep breaths through my nose. Then I remembered, this is the last song. I don't have to sing again. I can just sit here and cry and totally enjoy this song.  So I did. Cried like a baby.  Raised my hand. Told Him I would never doubt Him again. It was good.


Roxanne said...

I love to hear you and Worth sing! I can always pick out your voices during Worship. We missed y'all this morning, but I'm so glad you had the opportunity to visit with Robin and Andy!

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