Thursday, July 10, 2008

Baby flashbacks

I love babies! I loved it best when they were wee tiny. I would sit and literally hold them all day, until Wayne got home, peeled them from my arms and steered me towards the shower. I am having lunch with my pregnant friend Lauren today. It makes me think of the days when life revolved around the important things, like sweet baby smell, breastfeeding, andthose smiles from your baby, that made your heart drop.

Actually the closer I look at his picture of motherhood,I can remember things more clearly.....
That smirk on Leslie's face is because she has tried to pinch this new baby no less than 5 times that morning,and she had run away and hid under the bed from her Mema who had tried to dress her.

The baby is sleeping peacefully in my arms, because she was screaming from 3-6 am.

Do you see me pale face? Yeah, I was so anemic I got dizzy every time I stood up, my boobs were like watermelons at this point, thus the baggy sweatshirt.

No doubt, some of the best days of my life!


Heather said...

What in heavens name is Ginny wearing?

Anonymous said...

Seriously?? What is she wearing? Did you just get back from a cross burning?

I remember those days before dad became a human punching bag, wrestling mat, and a dork. Back when I could just put them on my stomach and lay on the couch and we'd sleep.

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