Monday, July 21, 2008


Saturday night was a sweet reunion of the Welch clan! Virginia and I drove home from sunny St. Simons on Saturday morning, got home around 3pm, then met at the church to drive to Atlanta airport with the other moms to pick up our Costa Rica crowd.
I missed them so much!! Are you like me? I want all my chickadees in the nest at night time. That's when I miss them the most.
We got home around midnight, then after listening to tales from the mission trip, and exchanging presents, (I scored a cool wood coffee mug and Costa Rica coffee) we fell in bed around 1 am. Everything felt right in the world when I knew Leslie was back safe in her bed, and I snuggled up next to my snoring husband.
It was so cool to hear them talk about all they saw and did.
I'll post more details about our rainy St. Simons trip and cool Costa Rica pictures soon, for now I'm back to work.


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