Sunday, August 24, 2008

Baby Nursery

My girls have long since outgrown the nursery, however, remembering how nice it was to enjoy a church service uninterrupted, I still keep new baby nursery once a month. Today was my turn, and I'll admit it,the real reason I keep nursery is because I LOVE babies.
.....I love how "fresh from Heaven" they are
.....I love how they smell like baby powder and milk breath
.....I love their little gassy smiles
.....I love their little startles that make their arms fly up.
.....I love how their eyes roll all around
.....I love how a grown man can make an utter fool of himself when he talks to them
.....I love to hear them belly laugh when you make silly faces

Oh sweet babies! It will be grandbabies the next time I hold my own!


Heather said...

If they stayed that size - I'd have another one in a minute!

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