Saturday, August 23, 2008

Stress relief

Why do you think life is so stressful? Do you think our grandparents lived life stressed out? I cannot for the life of me imagine my grandma leaning over the kitchen sink and crying to my grandpa over the dishes saying" I am so stressed out!" Was life simpler than? Do we make things too complicated? Do we really think we can have it all instead of just loving what we have?
I have been learning lately that my stress is often self-induced. So in order to bring more peace and tranquility to my life I have started to actively try to reduce my stress by:
1) Playing piano- I really can't play all that well, but I like to!
2) Run- Nothing soothes my mind like running. I can think things out.
3) Say no- I'm learning that I don't HAVE to do everything everyone asks me to.
4)Stop and really listen to what my kids are saying to me instead of mindlessly nodding. It really is interesting!
5)Taking pictures- I have had a blast with my digital camera. I love that I can delete what I don't like.

These are just a few things that help me. How do you beat your stress?


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